KIDIBOT helps your students to WANT to read & learn more (math, science, …)!

  • A fresh, fun and efficient way to engage your students to learn
  • Multi-awarded Educational Platform – 22 international prizes so far
  • It’s ideal for 1st – 8th grade kids
  • Education through playing
  • Nice narrative
  • Increases the class cohesion
  • Really fun
  • Teachers can generate “Training Battles”, missions and quests between classes
  • Statistics
  • Parents also involved
  • Diplomas and Certificates
  • Competitions between classes/schools
  • Rankings (by teams, by fighters, by teachers, cities, etc.)
  • Kids are motivated to do Good Deeds
  • Kids are motivated to help other kids to read and learn



  1. There is a free LIMITED version, you can try right away
  2. Kids can join Kidibot Heroes Academy for a small monthly donation
  3. Schools can get their own custom package. Contact us for details.

Custom packages available for schools!
Contact us at hello @ for details!

How does it work

There is a narrative: the CROCOBETS aliens want to conquer Earth. Their main weapons are laziness and stupidity.

Kids are the Earth’s only hope. They have to prove they read and they learn at school, by solving hundreds of quizzes at various subjects, winning points, levels, helping their class and their school to go up in the general rankings


English, reading, math, science, IT, financial education, civic education, geography, history, and so on.

This way, they win points, appreciation, respect and self-esteem.

Why Kidibot is so effective?

Due 15 different motivations to learn, read and do good deeds. Each child is unique, but each child will find a mix of motivations at Kidibot to do the right thing:

  • Positive Social Pressure
  • Fun
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Local Patriotism
  • Satisfaction that Helps Other Kids to Evolve
  • Satisfaction that Teachers appreciate them
  • Self-Esteem
  • Others

We create a positive social pressure

KIDIBOT is a little robot that came from outer-space to help kids to defeat the CROCOBETS. Join us in his fight to save the world!

Benefits for you:

You get motivated students. Happy parents. You get a nice diploma for being a volunteer in KIDIBOT. Your school will get a diploma

What should you do:

Contact us for a quote of implementing Kidibot in your school. Free Trials are available.
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