Kidibot badges and points explained

Hello, dear awesome fighters for intelligence and freedom!

To award those who deserve, we, at KIDIBOT Academy, set the following levels:


Kids accounts are split into 2 categories: FIGHTERS (the regular Joes) and HEROES.

  • KIDIBOT FIGHTERS – it’s enough to have a free account on KIDIBOT to become a fighter
  • KIDIBOT HEROES – They are the fighters that have support from their parents to achieve this rank. Their parents donate some money on a monthly basis to support The Cause and they get some advantages in return
    • They get access to special QUESTS/MISSIONS
    • They get access to special QUIZZES
    • They get discounts to Kidibot secret friends
    • They are part of an elite task force which have a great mission – to save the planet.
    • Other benefits


Birdkeeper – 0 solved quizzes

Kraby – 1-5 solved quizzes

Pigdey – 6-20 solved quizzes

Green Ninja – 21-49 solved quizzes

Master – 50-99 solved quizzes

The Absolute Emperor – 100+ solved quizzes


Esti un luptator "Trendsetter"Trendsetter Badge
If you are among the first 3 kids in your class that created KIDIBOT accounts (on website or in the mobile apps)!

You are a fighter "Top of Class"Top of Class Badge
If during a month you gather the most points in your class.

You are a fighter "Top of School"Top of School Badge
If during a month you gathered the most points in your school. Way to go! You rock!

You are a fighter "Top of City"Top of City Badge
If during a month you gathered the most points in your town!

Old Badge
It displays the number of months since that fighter created a KIDIBOT account. For example, 4 months old.

You are a fighter "Trendsetter"Team Player Badge
If you are at least 5 fighters in a class active at the end of the month, the KIDIBOT Academy will provide this bonus badge. that means you should have won at least one point during a month. 🙂

Badge #% in Top in Class
During this current month, this fighter is in top 25% in his class.

These users are the best. Great team-players, awesome support from parents and teachers, super KIDIBOT friends. They deserve our respect!


These are Kidibot Fighters that become HEROES. Apart this badge, they also get other benefits.


The fighters can win points:

  • 1 point/correct answered questions, IF you answer correctly at minimum 7 questions!
  • bonus points, awarded to those who answer correctly at minimum 7 questions in a specific quiz.
  • bonus points in practice battles
  • bonus points when they submit a quiz
  • bonus points each time their quiz is solved by another kid
  • 3 points/day when they use the messenger with their class members
  • during special occasions 😉

Also, you can won DIPLOMAS & CERTIFICATES. More details here.

Beware fighters!
If you want to trick KIDIBOT, is not good. KIDIBOT implemented a protection system, for those that want to answer to a quiz without reading the book first. We have to be better than the CROCOBETS, not like them!

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