Opportunities for companies

Kidibot is a great opportunity for companies.

  1. You can increase loyalty among your employees with kids 7-14 yo
  2. You can increase loyalty among your clients/partners (those that have kids 7-14 yo)
  3. You can help schools from your community, by increasing their motivation levels. The teachers will thank you, the parents will thank you, the community will thank you. Great CSR content. Great SEO links towards your website.

You can offer them GOLD HERO status for their kids, to read, learn and do more good deeds. Any parent will love this.

We can create a CLUB on your area of expertise, to create micro-courses and related quizzes.

We can give prizes to kids from your own Kidibot community, to extra motivate them to read&learn.

Please contact us for more details.

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