Influencers Ranking

Influencers” are those kids that change the other kids destinies by helping them to become smarter, stronger and to have more success at school.

The Kidibots from this ranking are those that deserves our appreciation. They help us become better.

What points are taken into consideration:

  • How many new kids did you recruited, using your recruiter link
  • How many kids become smarter solving your quizzes
  • How many kids solved quizzes created by the kids you recruited
  • How many kids you entertained and motivate by the Kidismiles won by you and your recruitors

For examples, if you have the INFLUENCER SCORE 421, it means you helped 421 kids to be better, smarter, stronger.

Congratulations. You’re changing the world to the better!

Position Name Team Influence
1 StellarDog1 Baggs Elementary IX A CHEYENNE (WYOMING) 2
2 BrainyCat2 Homeschooling III A BURLESON (TEXAS) 2
3 SmartNeuron1 Homeschooling III A ABBEVILLE (ALABAMA) 1

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