Teachers Instructions

Dear teacher

Welcome to KIDIBOT

We are happy that you want for your pupils to want to read more. We are here to help you achieve this objective.


Tell your pupils to create a KIDIBOT account (if they did not do it already)
Tell them to specify the state, the town, the school, the class, the number and the letter so, they can enter in the right team. Then your account will be connected to theirs. Also, when new battles will be, you will be notified.

Spune si celorlalti parinti

Tell the parents about KIDIBOT
KIDIBOT will make your pupils to want to read more through positive social pressure. More colleagues on KIDIBOT, better motivation for them to read more.

Provide them books to read.
Tell their parents to go to library to borrow books or to buy them books. Ideally would be for the kids to see their parents reading also. The power of example rulz.

Sponsorizeaza clasa

Kindly ask the parents to sponsor the class or the school.
For a small monthly fee, the class/school/town of the kids can benefit of some extraordinary incremental benefits, to motivate them evem more. Send us an email at hello-arond-kidibot.com for details.

Let us know if you want specific quizzes on the platform.
We added aprox 100+ quizzez, but we still need to add millions. There is a possibility that exactly the book that your pupil is reading not to have a quiz. Please let us know.

Help us get donations
The costs of keeping KIDIBOT alive are huge. So any small help will help us move it forward!

Provide us feedback
Any suggestion is welcome. Hello-around-kidibot.com

Yours truly,

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