My Sister the Vampire (vol 1)

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Olivia Abbott is a cheerleader – pretty clothes, pretty hair and pretty perfect. Ivy Vega is definitely not the cheerleading type – black clothes, black eyeliner, pale skin. In fact she seems the exact opposite of Olivia – or she would be if she wasn’t her twin! Meeting for the first time since being separated at birth, Olivia is about to discover that her long lost sister may just have some skeletons in her closet. But that won’t put her off getting to know Ivy. After all, blood is thicker than water – and it’s certainly tastier!

A vampire book for girls who want to read about young love and innocent paranormal romance. Ideal for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Meg Cabot, and Zoe (Zoella) Sugg.

Captain Spike through with hypnotic slime on your colleagues brain. Show that you’re not affected.

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  • What is the fifth book of MY SISTER THE VAMPIRE?
  • Why do the twins go to Transylvania?
  • Who is getting married?

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