Zen Master

Do you know the secret of success in life from a kid to adult?

“The ability to delay gratification.”

Watch this TED video with the Marshmellow experiment, done by Stanford scientists. Really interesting.


The kids that will manage to obtain succes in life are those that can delay immediate gratification for a future, larger gratification.

ZEN MASTER functionality help kids on Kidibot to work harder, solve more quizzes in order to received a bigger reward afterwards.
The effort and determination are rewarded!

  • Levels
    • 10 quizzes during one day – bonus 50 points
    • 50 quizzes during one day – bonus 500 points
    • 200 quizzes during one day – bonus 5000 points!!!!!
  • ZEN MASTER Badge – appears automatically to the child profile when he/she reaches at least 50 quizzes solved in one day
  • ZEN MASTER Diploma for 10, 50, 100 and 200 if he/she manages to solve this amount of quizzes in one day!

ZEN MASTER is a premium functionality and is available only to GOLD HEROES and their friends!

This way, a GOLD HERO KIDIBOT will help his team to win!

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