Rules for Adding New Quizzes

Hello dear kids from planet Earth

Here are some advice how to create great quizzes that will be approved and for which youțll get a lot of bonus points. Bonus, you’ll know that you’ll help thousands of kids to become smarter and more motivated to read and learn.
The easiest way to win points is to publish a new quiz. You’ll get a bonus at publishing, plus each time another kid will solve it. So, you do it once and you’ll get paid forever.


It has to be as specific as possible. For example, if you create a math quiz, instead writing “Math 1st grade”, you should write “Additions – Sum 20 or less “. Much clearer!


You should write a detailed description of your quiz, so you can determined the other kids to see your kids and to start it. For example “Harry Potter is a story about a boy ……


    • Select the write category. We give higher bonuses for MATH, ENGLISH, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, LOGIC and other things you learn at school


    • You should add as many questions as you can. If you do a 10 questions quiz, than KIDIBOT will give you a higher bonus than 10 quizzes with 1 question each.
    • Each question should have 4 answers, of which only one is correct.
    • Create questions which are available also for another 5 or 15 years!

MANDATORY: if you send the quiz for a book you’ve read, it has to have MINIMUM 7 questions, ideally 10 questions, otherwise it will not be published!

If it’s a book, at least one question should be about the book’s conclusion or about the main ideas. We want to see if the kids read the book and understood the main point, right?

    • Any quiz should have an image. If it’s a book, put the cover. Otherwise, put some suggestive image. You’ll get more bonus points!


  • It’s FORBIDDEN to copy. You must create original quizzes (texts and images).
  • DON’T USE CAPS LOCK! It’s ugly. Plus, they’ll not be approved and it’s a shame to work in vane. Write just you write in school.
  • If you are creating quizzes at books, you should have from 7 to 10 questions. Otherwise they’ll not going to be approved!
  • Check your grammar! You don’t like to solve quizzes with a lot of grammar mistakes, do you? Also, your teacher will see what you’ve wrote, so be carefull. If it has too many mistakes, your quiz will not be approved!
  • Don’t ask too difficult questions, very detailed one. For example, don’t ask “What’s the height of the Gigi Mountain from Antarctica”. Ask yourself if you, in one month time can you answer that question. If the answer is NO, than create another one
  • When you create a new quiz, make sure it’s not already on the site. Use the search. You have so many great subjects. From the things you learn in school, from all the books in the world, from math, physics, IQ, engineering, from science magazines, …

Good luck reading and learning!

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