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KIDIBOT is an awarded online educational platform that helps kids WANT to read and learn more, by using positive social pressure.

Children enters in a fantastic world, where the Earth is under attack. The nasty aliens “CROCOBETS” want to conquer us, using our laziness and stupidity. KIDIBOT is a nice little robot that helps kids fight against these CROCOBETS.

Each child create a KIDIBOT account, specify the school, class and number and together with his/her classmates will fight to save the Earth.

For the children, the only way to get points in this epic struggle is by answering quizzes, proving that they’ve read specific books. They earn points and bonuses and they become famous. All read books appear on the child public anonymized account.

Based on teachers, parents and children feedback, KIDIBOT is an awesome tool to motivate kids to read more books and be part of the team.

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