Looking for Math Tutoring? Join Kidibot Hero Academy!

Multi-Awarded Educational Platform that teaches kids 7-14 yo math, science and motivates them to read more using a set of 15 different motivations.

Why Kidibot Heroes Academy is a Great Math Tutoring Help

100% online, on Kidibot.com, 24/7, whenever the kids have time available.

Math through fun (kids solves quizzes, earn points, save the Earth from Crocobets aliens, battles, missions, etc.)

Math Diplomas & Certificates

Great entourage – high percentage of smart kids on Kidibot

Multi-Awarded Educational Solution (22 awards)

Multi-tutoring at math and sciences – kids from 2000+ US Schools are helping each other to learn math

What your child will get:

Motivation to learn math (algebra and geometry) for years to come through

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