Increase Your Google Reviews (And Other Online Reviews) Using “ThunderRod Reviews System”

Why use “ThunderRod Reviews System”

People buy your product/service if they TRUST you.

They will NOT trust you if you have bad ratings.

ThunderRod Reviews System will boost your Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews or similar.

From negative reviews you’ll soon reach positive average rating

  • 100% chances of rating improvement. That means higher sales, higher status, higher personal retention
  • 100% organic reviews
  • 100% legit reviews
  • No Fake Reviews, like other suppliers are offering. These are very dangerous and illegal

Cost: $100/month

How does “ThunderRod Reviews System” works?

  • We’ll need to create a subdomain, like For this, you must create a A Record on DNS, pointing for “feedback” subdomain towards our server. It takes 2-3 minutes from your part. We’ll help you out.
  • Then we’ll create a software app on the subdomain. It takes 2-3 days.
  • Then we’ll integrate the app into your online and offline presence (QR Codes, links)

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Total time: 1708663014.3016 s