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Kidibot Educational Platform is a really helpful tool when it comes to homeschool programs. It uses FUN + other 15 motivations to help kids to read, learn and do good deeds.

The story behind Kidibot Homeschool Program:

The Crocobets nasty aliens are attacking our Planet using stupidity and laziness. Only kids can save us, by proving that they read, learn and make good deeds.

So, kids have to answer quizzes, to create new quizzes, to tell the world their good deeds and many others!

A Crocobet 🙂

So, kids learning in homeschool programs can enter daily on Kidibot, have fun and learn o lot of new things.

We have battles (individual and by teams, training and for real), counter-espionage, missions, quests, educational videos, diplomas and certificates and many others.

Kidibot is an online platform, accessible via and the mobile apps 24/7.

Targets kids from 1st to 8th grade.

3 main benefits:
– the kids will read more
– will learn more math, science, IQ, English and so on
– will do more Good Deeds

It consists in a free and a premium option, called Kidibot Heroes Academy.

If you have any questions on how Kidibot homeschool program can help your homeschooling efforts, please contact us.

Types of motivation Kidibot uses:

  • Positive social pressure: when kids around you reads and learn, you’ll feed the pressure to do the same
  • Cognitive dissonance: I LOVE READING and I LOVE MATH signs will motivate them to actually love reading and math 🙂
  • Fun: they have Kidismiles, funny jokes, mysteries, games,
  • The pleasure of winning diplomas, certificates, levels and others
  • Self-Esteem: they will help thousands of other kids to become smarter, better, to read more, to learn more, to do more good deeds. This count for something
  • The appreciation of others – the parents, the teachers, the other kids
  • Local patriotism – kids will fight for their school, their class, their team

We hope you’ll love our Homeschool Program from Kidibot!

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